“A band is only as good as the drummer.”

I believe this is very accurate. The drummer is the heartbeat of the band and as such, must create a steady rhythm that provides the groove of the music. A drummer should not overwhelm a band’s music, although it may be necessary when absolutely required.

I believe that as a drummer, my job is to keep the rhythm so as to keep the song moving. I believe that my drumming should help with the song overall. I do not believe that my playing should overwhelm a song or that I should “show off”. I believe in playing for what is required for the best version of the song, quite simply.

That all said, I am also somewhat of a perfectionist. I prefer to actually learn all the proper parts of a cover song as played by the original band / drummer. I like to give the audience what it is used to hearing, and recreate it as best I can.

During the last several years I also learned something else about music. Bands I was in then played for fun, so we picked songs for us, not for a crowd. Some songs chosen I absolutely hated and really did not want to play. A funny thing happened though. Once I learned my part, I realized these songs were FUN to play. So now, I will play ANY song or at least attempt to. Music is music.